Keep or assemble???

From: Glen Goodwin <>
Date: Wed Sep 26 21:30:02 2001

Tony Duell wrote

> Sorry, I wasn't clear. I would enjoy assembling the ZX81 kit

They are fun and easy ;>)

> (using it is
> another matter -- home micros running BASIC are not the most interesting
> machines for me)

So don't run BASIC. There are some fair assemblers out there for this box
and a FORTH, too. Hook up a decent keyboard, fix the display, and have
fun. Since you are a hacker I'd think this would be a good toy for you ;>)
 Not to brag, but my souped-up ZX81 outperforms my Kaypro 10. (Why *is*
Kaypro hard- and floppy- disk i/o so slow?)

> but I doubt it would take me a couple of days to do so.
> More like a couple of hours.

Takes me about 3 ;>) One convenient thing about building a kit as opposed
to buying an already-built computer is that you can modify it as you build
it. For example, when I build a ZX81 I know I won't be using the RF
modulator or the keyboard connectors so I can leave them out. If I start
with a pre-built unit I have to work around the existing parts.

> I suspect that if I ever got an unassembled kit of _anything_ my first
> reaction would be to assemble it, no matter how much 'value' it lost by
> so doing.

I'm with you -- I want to make the kit work!

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