Ancient 6502 FOCAL source code

From: David Williams <>
Date: Wed Sep 26 22:34:57 2001

I'd be interested in copies of the APEX FOCAL. I have APEX on
my Apple II. I tried to pick up the FOCAL for it long ago but the
place where I picked up my APEX didn't have it and never got a
copy in.

On 26 Sep 2001, at 18:11, Richard Erlacher wrote:

> I'll happily give you a copy of the source, (to be forwarded under
> separate cover) and, if you like, I'll even give you a copy of the
> PAL65 Assembler binary and source. Unfortunately, they run under a
> locally written OS for the APPLE][, called APEX, and you may have a
> problem using the sources without a good bit of whittling. Of course,
> I've also got the sources for the OS, but it's written in a locally
> generated HLL, called XPL0, (yes, that's a zero, not an 'O;') and
> that's not mine to give away without first checking with the owner. I
> doubt it will be a problem, though. I just want to respect the rights
> of the authors.
> Dick

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