ID this Apple ][ Card

From: Eric Chomko <>
Date: Thu Sep 27 07:54:19 2001

Vintage Computer Festival wrote:

> I have a card with the only markings on it being Adaptive Peripherals.
> It's quite interesting.
> Onboard are several (6) 24 pin RCA packages marked CDM6116, which I
> believe are ROMs. The rest is TTL.

I pretty sure a 6116 is a RAM pin-compatible chip to a 2716 EPROM.
I have a prototype board in the works (years now!) that has as part
of the design the capability to handle both 2716 or 6116 chips fo the
same sockets (four).

Sorry I can't help you more with this board.


> It leads out to an external box with a centronics interface on it, a
> switch and LED, and two phono jacks. The switch in one direction seems
> to activate it, as when I turn on the computer with the switch in that
> position the LED lights and the system is frozen. The switch in the other
> position results in a normal boot. If I flip the switch while the system
> is on then it locks up. If I switch it back and then do a reset, the
> system resumes.
> Before I attached a monitor to it, it seemed to make the computer do
> something different. The normal "beep" when I turned the system on was
> replaced with a "boop". I finally hooked a monitor up but now the card
> does not seem to do anything. I hope I didn't fry it as when I was
> carrying it upstairs I plugged the dangling printer cable from the
> parallel card into the centronics interface in the external box to keep it
> from swinging around. When I first powered it on it was shorting
> something as the power supply was cycling on/off. I turned it off
> quickly and unplugged the cable, then turned it on to hear the "boop"
> sound. So it seemed to be doing something weird until I plugged the
> monitor in to see what the heck was going on.
> It's in slot 4, so I checked the memory area at $C400 but there is nothing
> there.
> It also has a two AAA batteries on the back which I've taken out. They
> don't seem to affect the operation. I'm going to put two fresh batteries
> on to see what different it makes.
> I'm thinking this was an alternate ROM card, maybe for development or
> cracking games, although it seems to elaborate for the latter.
> Any ideas?
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