Ancient 6502 FOCAL source code

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Thu Sep 27 09:11:50 2001

I don't remember what color the KA-10 was, but my recollections don't align
exactly with what's written there either. However, the color of the KA-10 is
not terribly significant. There's even a chance the reference may have been to
the KL-10 installed in 1980. (?) It's not about the DEC hardware, after all.

My recollection (and listings) seem to remember Peter Boyle's full screen editor
as being called "Mr. Ed" but that's not terribly important either. Wayne Wall
was in town last week and a group of us met with him for lunch, where he
cursorily ran over that history. I suspect that there are numerous details that
have been colored by one's recollection.

I've been unabel to locate the considerable archive of 6502-group software which
was once avaiable on the web and now has disappeared into obscurity. I suppose
if someone had taken up the cudgel of maintaining it, it would be out there
somewhere. At the moment, however, it looks as though the version of the FOCAL
interpreter that I've been distributing is the only one that remains.


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> At 12:55 AM 27/09/2001 -0600, Richard Erlacher wrote:
> >Well, you're in luck, as Larry Fish, one of the founding members of the still
> >barely surviving Denver Area 6502 Users' Group wrote a history in which he
> >does,
> >to some extent, tell the tale, naming names and spelling out events. That's
> >accessible at It's not "up" at this moment, so I don't
> >have
> >the exact URL, but when the site's up, the history is readily available.
> It's up now and the history can be found at
> Some things in the history aren't quite right - a black PDP-10? Perhaps it
> was the special Stealth version :-)
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