Calc wars

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Thu Sep 27 16:38:43 2001

I'm still partial to having some of those functions, too, but with a computer
running Windows nearly everywhere I turn, the calculator that's built-in there
seems to work fine. I gave all my TI calculators and printers away a couple of
years back and really don't miss 'em, though I always liked 'em when I used 'em.
They were harder to deal with where batteries were concerned, though, than are
the old HP's, and I think the easy-to-modify battery case is the reason I've
ended up with the HP's.


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> > I quit using most of my other calculators and, today, use an HP 25C almost
> > exclusively, though I have a '21 also. I didn't know those were
> collectibles.
> > back in the '70's, I modified the battery holder so I could replace the
> > batteries when they went bad. This was a common problem. The use of
> 1.5-volt
> > batteries probably won't hurt anything if my own calculators are any
> indication,
> > though I've usually replaced the NiCd types with others of the same sort.
> Way back in '77 (I think), I got a mailing from TI advertising and
> offerring for sale the TI Programmer, which was a simple 4-function
> calculator in that standard black-plastic format they used to use,
> replete with the also-standard LEDs. However, it wasn't actually a
> four-function calculator, because it included radix conversion and
> several standard logical operators.
> At home, when I need radix conversion, instead of the Casio Fx-115m or
> the Calc accessory, I still reach for the TI Programmer...
> -dq
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