Calc wars

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Thu Sep 27 22:35:31 2001

>On September 27, Richard Erlacher wrote:
>> I'm still partial to having some of those functions, too, but with a
>> running Windows nearly everywhere I turn, the calculator that's built-in
> Man, you're hangin' out in the wrong places. I haven't laid eyes on
>a Windoze box in months.

REALLY? I saw about 1000 in a scrap yard today on pallets waiting to be
recycled, lovely site. ;)

Anybody else notice that the long arm of the scrapper now seems to extend
to about the P200 class of machines? (scrapped for parts instead of being

RE calcs, I still have my HP 16C and my HP45, and I still regret the HP35 I
missed 20 years ago at a swapmeet.
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