Odd VT100 question

From: Bill Pechter <pechter_at_bg-tc-ppp1657.monmouth.com>
Date: Fri Sep 28 09:54:01 2001

> >Bill Pechter wrote:
> > One guy in Sweden put a uVaxII in the VT100 with IIRC a DZV11.
> > I had the wire list for the backplane mods but I think I lost it.
> Jerome Fine replies:
> Why did DEC not make such low cost systems available for hobby
> users?

Bad management, no vision. The VT103 supply barely was enough
for the 11/23 and was designed to handle stuff like hasp
printing at IBM shops via RSX11-S downloaded apps with network booting.

  d|i|g|i|t|a|l had it THEN.  Don't you wish you could still buy it now!
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