FS: Radio Shack EC-4075 Calc

From: Russ Blakeman <rhblakeman_at_kih.net>
Date: Fri Sep 28 11:40:43 2001

Here's something I go some time ago (years ago, probably 1988) that I have
absolutely NO use for an the recent talk about calcs has me wondering if
anyone might want to add this to their collection, or has an actual use for
it. It's a Radio Shack EC-4075 "Programmer's Hex and Time Calculator",
catalog number 65-990. It's in good clean shape but no docs, box or
anything else. It's fully finctional too - has batteries (2xAA) in it and
showing the date and time right now. It's just excess and it's bound to get
damaged around here or set in a drawer where the batteries will undoubtedly
leak and ruin it. Size is 3" wide, 5" long and 1" at the thickest point.

Make me an offer. It will ship without the batteries though to save weight
and prevent damage. Weight is probably a pound packed and would be shipped
in bubble wrap in a sturdy box. Not sure if it would be cost effective to
ship overseas but the US and Canada are alright for sure.

Be reasonable on offers, $1 is not reasonable. My wife bought this for me
back then and while I forget what it cost then I know it wasn't a $5 item.

Contact me direct if interested at rhblakeman_at_kih.net
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