CBM8032 - wobbly screen

From: Jeff Hellige <jhellige_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Fri Sep 28 19:47:02 2001

>See the photos of the Commodore Educator 64, Model 4064 at
>http://www.swtpc.com/commodor.htm . I remember the general position of the
>power transformer is similar to the Pets. Note the shielding of the
>transformer in the photos. This was used to prevent the problem which you
>are describing, and if this shielding is removed the wobble will occur. Try
>placing a shaded pole motor or large transformer anywhere near the sides or
>back of a modern monitor and you'll see the same wobbling effect.

        When did the PETs start using all the shielding? My 2001-16N
has none of the shielding your Educator64 shows. Transformer,
mainboard and even the keyboard are all bare. While looking at the
shielding, I powered mine up for the first time since I moved about a
year ago and now it's screen shape is distorted and it shows evenly
spaced vertical bars all the way across.

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