TRS-80 Model IV

From: Louis Schulman <>
Date: Sat Sep 29 19:57:51 2001

On Sat, 29 Sep 2001 17:46:37 -0600, emanuel stiebler wrote:

#I just got my first TRS-80. So, knowing nothing at all about them,
#I'm completely stuck here. ;-)
#I checked a while around on the internet, and saw, that there is this
#"trs-80 model IV technical reference manual" somewhere, but I didn't
#find it.
#Anyone knows where I could download it ?
#And, I think the best is to use it for CP/M. But where/how to get a cp/m
#on this box ?

Here is what you need to do. Go to David Keil's TRS-80 emulator web page. Get the emulator for the
model IV, and get it running on your PC.

David has disk images for everything you want, including CP/M. When you get the emulator running with
the CP/M disk image, you can make real disks with your PC (assuming you have a 5.25" double-density
drive on your PC). A high density drive can work, but there are some limitations and cautions, because the
tracks are narrower.

This should get you going. Dave has many documents as well.

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