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Date: Sun Sep 30 06:00:33 2001

Hi All;

For those poor mis informed folk -- the Epson QX-10 was not a laptop.
Many of the common features that are in use in keyboards today first
appeared on the OX-10 (Help key, Undo key and others).

Jerry Parnell (held stock in IBM ---- ick!!!!!!) was a major influence in
the demise of the QX series. He spent 3 days with Chris Ratowski to
review to the Valdocs III Integrated Software package. He saw a beta
version with some bugs in it. In the course of those three days he kept
saying what a great piece of software Valdocs was. Chris explained
several times that it was a beta version and not quite ready for release.
  Jerry was at that time a reviewer for the three major computer mags
(Personal Computing, Byte Mag. and Popular Computing). Epson was just
approaching the big time with 100,000 QX-10s sold in the USA and Chris
was countering on Jerry's reviews as a big market boast. Will Jerry
released these reviews in all three mags at the same time and the market
for Epson QX-10 dropped over night. He never said the version he saw
was beta and proceeded to rip the QX-10 apart with very much erroneous
information; it was obvious that he hated anything that wasn't IBM (esp
if it was better which the Epson was). It was ten times the computer.
I know much more about if any are interested.

I have a QX-10 complete that I bought in 1986 or 1987 (don't remember).
It still works somewhat. I the Valdocs software, CPM 80 and much other
software. The reset button was by passed as it failed and the keyboard
cord has been spliced together. It also has a 300 baud modem and the
beta version of an optical mouse which works with Val Draw only. I was a
beta tester for the Epson QX-10. I know first hand most of its history
and what came with it. I had a complete collection of all mags written
for it. Don't know what I did with them.

I am interested in selling it if some one wants it. It also needs a new
clock battery (nicad). I am not sure the floppies are still

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