Attaching a VT100 to a PC....

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sun Sep 30 12:46:13 2001

OK, I managed to dig out a VT100 out of storage. Of course the first path
I burrowed all the way back led to a VT103, so I had to dig an even more
difficult path.

Anyway, I've got it hooked up to the Intel 810e board I'm using for my
Desktop PDP-10 project. I've got Linux set so I can log in and do stuff.
The terminal seems happiest working at 9600. Under TOPS-10 V7.03 I can do
a DIR in a small directory and everything is fine, but if I run it in a big
directory such as SYS:, then I get slightly garbled data. Same thing if I
run a SYSTAT, it's garbled, especially the last part.

I'm not up on Serial stuff and I've seen simular results hooking up one of
my VT420's to Sun Sparc. Is the problem my cabling, or what? At the
moment I'm using what looks to be a LapLink cable (or the equivalent). For
the finished project I plan to build a custom cable.

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