Possibility of Classic Computing Garage Sale/Auction

From: Anthony Clifton - Retrocomputing.com <vaxcat_at_retrocomputing.com>
Date: Sun Sep 30 12:53:42 2001

I hope this information helps.

>So what (please be sepecific, and include details, e.g. how COMPLETE the stuff
>is, i.e. manuals, drivers, etc.) APPLE][ stuff do you have?

I have working II+, IIe and a IIgs computer with 1.5 meg upgrade board. I have
alot of original diskettes and manuals for most of the common Apple stuff.
I have
one or two of the original red books, joysticks, floppy drives, etc. I
also have
a John Bell Engineering voice synth card with diskettes and a BAL-500 eprom

 I'm not an
>APPLE-freak, but in order to do a couple of 1-time tasks, I need a couple of
>things. I'm also interested in S-100 cards, particularly if they're
>and complete with software, but I don't need backplanes or boxes, nor do I

I do have a few S100 cards. Mostly they're undocumented static and dynamic
memory boards (which are easy to figure out). However, I do have a MM103
modem and documentation but no software and the S100 hayes micromodem with
the direct connect coupler interface. I also have a SMB multifunction card
in bad
shape and one or two Diskjockey IIds if I recall, with documentation but no

I have a bunch of 8" diskettes with Xerox 820-II stuff on them including
boot disks.

>8" FD drives, as I have plenty.
>If you have the apple interface for that Xebec HDD, I'd be interested in that,
>as well, maybe, depending on how complete it is.
The Xebec does include the interface and driver diskettes but no documentation.
However, I was able to easily figure it out. Mostly if you just plug it
into slot#5
and do a pr#5 after booting, it'll boot.

>let me know, plz
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>Subject: Possibility of Classic Computing Garage Sale/Auction
>> So, here's the deal. From time to time, I get the itch to collect classic
>> computing
>> stuff. I collect a bunch of stuff, pile it up in my house and then the
>> itch is scratched
>> and I forget about it for a while.
>> What compels me to do this I don't pretend to understand. But the simple
>> fact is that
>> most of you are doing such a good job collecting, restoring and preserving
>> this stuff
>> that there's just no need for me to do it. In other words, because I'm
>> pursuing my
>> own interests which take alot of space, the time has come to choose either
>> to be a
>> classic computer collector or not to be. (IE it's time to sh*t or get off
>> the pot.)
>> Therefore, I'm considering sending ALL my classic computing stuff to live
>> with the
>> rest of you where it will be preserved and loved. This will free up ALOT
>> of space
>> in my house to pursue interests such as art and photography.
>> And I'll get to see alot of smiling faces taking home treasures.
>> Mind you, I'd like to get some money back out of this stuff but not
>> necessarily as
>> much as I'd get on Ebay.
>> So I'm considering holding a garage sale/auction at my home the last weekend
>> October in Des Moines, Iowa. More valuable items would be auctioned
>>over the
>> course of an hour or so while less valuable (more common) items would simply
>> be priced, haggled and sold.
>> Stuff that would be sold or auctioned includes: Apple II stuff, Kaypro II,
>> Epson QX10, Green
>> screen monitors, Microvax II, Vaxstation 3100, Sun 3/60, 3/110s, Sun mono
>> monitors, mice, keyboards, books. I have a Cisco IGS router (now 10 years
>> old),
>> a livingston 10 port terminal server, a TIE S100 chassis, a Vector S100
>> business
>> computer with 8" hard disk in separate enclosure, around a dozen s100 cards,
>> macintosh plus and other macintosh equipment, an 8" drive in it's own
>> enclosure,
>> a Shugart SA800 bare drive, software, books and all kinds of miscellaneous
>> bits of
>> hardware and software. I also have a 9 track streaming tape drive that
>> goes with
>> the Microvax II.
>> I also have an old tektronix scope with aluminum rolling cart, a 19" dual
>> bud rack (4' tall appox), a crusty Northstar chassis and some other
>> miscellaneous
>> ham radio and electronics equipment.
>> Also, of note, I have a 19" color terminal (the Intelligent Systems Corp
>> unit I mentioned
>> a few months ago), a vt102 and 2 or 3 vt220s with keyboards. I also have a
>> Xebec 10 meg
>> hard disk for Apple II machines and other weird and bizarre stuff.
>> As I say, although I want to get a few bucks out of the stuff, I also want
>> everything
>> to go. So I'm willing to haggle. This would send it all away in one big
>> shot for me,
>> which would be absolutely wonderful. It'd also make me feel alot better
>> than putting
>> stuff in a dumpster or sending it to Goodwill.
>> So, essentially, what I'm looking for is this: If I were to hold this the
>> last Saturday
>> of October, how many people would be able to come or send another collector
>> on their
>> behalf? It would be in Des Moines, Iowa.
>> Please send me an email if you would be able to attend and, if enough
>> people express
>> interest, I'll make specific plans and post them this week.
>> Thanks and I hope everyone will see this as a positive thing and not be too
>> hard on me
>> for wanting to pursue my other interests.
>> Anthony Clifton
>> Des Moines, Iowa
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