8080 vs. 8080A

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Date: Sun Sep 30 13:24:22 2001

Since this is about 8080/8080A the answer is fairly complex and simple
at the same time.

The 8080A had improved drive (not that much better) and improved interupt
to hold
timing. There were a few other minor differences of no real consequence.
The 8080
was a bear with regard to DMA (hold/) and the 8080A was slightly better.
were that much fun to work with. For non-DMA designs the difference is
Both worked fine wtih Standard TTL _IF_ you followed fanout rules and
buffered things correctly.


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>Hadn't heard anything of an 8088/86 series bug but I know there's a 32
>applications lockup problem in some 386DX-16's and the well known
>point math problem in the original Pentium series.
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> Can anyone here describe the technical differences between
> an Intel 8080 and Intel 8080A CPU?
> The ONLY ref. I have been able to find seems to indicate that there
was a
>bug in the 8080 and as a result it would only work with low power TTL?
> The problem was fixed in the 8080A and it would work with
> standard TTL?
> Does this make sense to anyone?
> Could anyone put this into laymans terms for me?
> Thanks,
> George Phillips - gmphillips_at_earthlink.net
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