WTD: 8" FDC for Apple

From: Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Sun Sep 30 18:26:03 2001

I've been pondering how to read and subsequently publish the sources for the
APEX-based 6502 software I have on 8" APEX-formatted diskettes (SSSD, but unique
organization) with an eye to getting the task off my list. I've decided that
the easiest way to do this is to snag an SVA (Sorrento Valley Associates ?) 8"
drive controller for the Apple][. Does any of you guys have one or more of
these that I could beg, borrow, steal, even <cringe> buy or rent? I just need
it for this one task, and then, having forever had my fill of Apple, I'm never,
Never, NEVER, going to fiddle with an Apple product again if I can avoid it. My
Apples are subsequently going into the rubbish heap, where they've always
belonged, methinks, as fragile as their disk subsystems are, and I will try to
forget all about them.

However, the Apple does provide a straightforward vehicle for making these files
available to those who <cringe> want to fiddle with or examine them.

Any offers or suggestions will be considered.


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