6809 single board computer (was: "New" PDP-8)

From: Jos Dreesen <jos.mar_at_bluewin.ch>
Date: Mon Apr 1 11:53:52 2002

John Honniball wrote:
> Something like the CMU Free6809 board would be great, but I'd
> prefer to add a CRT coltroller to get a video display. I'd
> also want a keyboard interface so that the machine could
> be independent of a terminal. Maybe even a disk interface
> of some sort, and the AY-3-8910 sound chip, and a parallel
> port, and... Oh dear, now I'm making it too complicated!

My SWTP/c contains a third-party board called "the communicator" with a 6845
CRTC. Complexity is low : 6845, 2K sram, character generator and around 10 TTL
IC's. It produces a standard 80x25 output.
The same board also contains a 6821 to interface to a parallel ouput keyboard.
The floppy interface of the SWTPc is also rather simple.

                                Jos Dreesen
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