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From: Christopher Smith <>
Date: Mon Apr 1 13:55:47 2002

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> Adam Schiff, another congressman from California, is proposing
> a similiar law. Adam has stated that he doesn't expect the law to
> pass, but that its sole purpose is to gain leverage against the
> high-tech industry regarding the copyright issue and in favor of
> the entertainments industry.

> In other words, they we'll all be sufficiently scared that
> we'll finally
> give up some ground in the copyright issue. What ground is left
> to give up? They've already lengthened the terms of protection
> when they should have been shortening them.

What issue is there? If they don't like copyright as it was
originally defined, fine. Abolish it. That's fair, and everyone's
still on equal ground. :)

None of this "insert exception [a] into loophole [b]" crap.

Do I deserve extra protection because my work is easier to duplicate?

I think not.

> To my way of thinking, that constitutes abuse of process, and makes
> Fritz Hollings and Adam Schiff not merely traitors, but
> persona non grata.

I think Mr. Schiff ought to be required to reimburse the government
for the salaries (plus usage of buildings, etc) of all the people
whose time he wastes with his bill. That ought to be enough to spend
all the money that some companies are paying him for it, plus his own
salary, and make him get a job at McDonalds to make ends meet.


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