Ultrix root password

From: Clint Wolff <vaxman_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Mon Apr 1 20:47:52 2002

Easiest way is to attach the drive to a comparable machine running
a Ultrix that you know the password too. Mount it, edit /etc/passwd,
umount it, and re-install.

You can edit the raw sector containing the root password using
console commands, then write it back out if you can fake MSCP...

Or maybe B/1 DUA0 will work... It depends if the version of Ultrix
is old enough to allow root boot without password prompt or not...


On Mon, 1 Apr 2002, Brian Roth wrote:

> I snagged a PDP11/53 and Two MicroVAX II's today at the salvage yard. $5 a
> piece. Doesn't happen very often but feels good when it does.
> The MV's have Ultrix on them and boot fine BUT.....
> Is there an easy way to bust the root password for Ultrix on the console?
> Thanks,
> Brian.
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