What editions of the VAX Hardware Reference are there?

From: Gunther Schadow <gunther_at_aurora.regenstrief.org>
Date: Mon Apr 1 21:25:56 2002


I am looking for VAX Hardware Reference for the VAX 11/780, 11/785,
86x0, the uVAX-II, and then the VAX 6000s. I suspect that's not all
in one book. But, what revisions of the Hardware Reference are there
anyway? I think the first edition is the 1978/1979, at least my
VAX Architecture Handbook bears this date. I understand that the
"Handbooks" were a 3-volume series, with volume 1 Architecture,
vol 2 Harware and vol 3 Software (VMS). I assume that they threw
out old models in more recent editions, right? Could we reconstruct
which topics are described in which edition of the Hardware Handbook?

One can't buy those any more, how does that influence the right to
compile and share copies? I wonder if one could archive the
Hardware handbooks by subject and that way compile a single volume
with complete coverage of all VAXen.

Besides, there is a mystical "Perepherial Handbook" to which I have
seen reference once, but never any copy in bookstores, catalogues or
on eBay. Did it ever exist? Was it volume 4 of the series? What
items were covered over the years in there?


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