The Future End of Classic Computing

From: Doc <>
Date: Mon Apr 1 21:45:57 2002

On Mon, 1 Apr 2002, Ron Hudson wrote:

> Is there a simple boilerplate message I can send to my
> congress critters (not that it will do any good with
> Ms Fienstein or Boxer) to lodge my protest.

and for a more general response to this type of legislation:

> I hope that, if this passes into law, Linux can get the
> copyright cop software included and get registered....
> Oh, I suppose since I can re-compile Linux any time I want
> and can change the code however I like Linux will **never**
> get the stamp of government approval...

  For a lot of reasons, both technical and corporate/political, Linux
and _all_ Free (as in Software, not Beer) code is going to be very

  Leahy effectively killed this incarnation of the CBDTPA last week:,1283,51425,00.html

but Hollings and cohorts already have clones in the works. Won't hurt
to voice your views anyway.

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