Computers Manufactured in 1986

From: Wayne M. Smith <>
Date: Tue Apr 2 00:16:52 2002

> Pardon the ignorance here,
> But which would you guys consider to be the most modernly functional one
> of the 1986 bunch?
> (What I am trying to do together here is get a setup of only stuff made in
> 1986.... It'd be neat to have a system exactly the same age as me :))
In 1986 the computer I really wanted bad was a Toshiba T3100 laptop -- 286 processor, 10 MB hard drive and world's first plasma
display (I think). Cost $3,400 in 1986, but you can get one on eBay today for around 10 bucks or so. For example:

As far as non-minis go, this was the best of the best at the time, and arguably the most "modern."


P.S. I waited 2 years and ended up with a T5100 with a 386/16 and monster 40 MB hard drive -- well worth the wait and the 5 grand
(particularly as my employer paid for it)!
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