Apple IIe card

From: Tothwolf <>
Date: Tue Apr 2 00:48:30 2002

On Tue, 2 Apr 2002 wrote:

> I've got a card out of an Apple IIe that has a bunch of 7400 chips on it,
> a 4-switch dip switch, a 26pin header, and an EPROM with a label that says
> "GPC" on it. The board also has "GPC" and "519" silk-screened on the
> comonent side and "Made in Taiwan R.O.C." on the solder side. Google
> doesnt seem to reveal anything useful.
> Any ideas what this is?

Which chips does it have on it? The best guess I can come up with based on
the header, is a floppy disk or printer interface card. Also, how is the
header positioned on the board?

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