Computers Manufactured in 1986

From: Douglas H. Quebbeman <>
Date: Tue Apr 2 08:51:23 2002

> Doug, Anybody,
> Isn't 86 the year the Mac Plus came out? The original was 84, I know.
> There was a model ot two inbetween the original and the Plus, but I'm
> unsure the exact timing.
> If a Plus is the 86 computer, I do have an extra with addtional goodies.
> It does have a slight screen fussiness in one corner of the display,
> However.

Yup, 86 is right for the Plus.

And for Ethernet, you can get a box that hangs off the SCSI port
and provides the Ethernet ability.... The device in question seems
to have been made by one firm and rebadged and sold by others...
Seems like "Nova" is part of the name of the one I've got. Mine has
10-Base-2 (coax) and AUI ports, so it'd need a transceiver to do
10-Base T, I suppose....


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