OT: MS/Unisys Have Made My Day

From: Bryan Pope <bpope_at_wordstock.com>
Date: Tue Apr 2 13:15:18 2002

And thusly Brian Knittel spake:
> > The M$ foot gets another dose of lead
> Ummm, Doc, I think you fell for an April Fools prank.
> If you view, say, http://www.wehavethewayout.com/xxx
> you get a standard IIS 404 page, and the HTTP
> response header say "Server: Microsoft-IIS/5.0"
> I think Microsoft learned its lesion when
> it took, what, a couple of years to migrate
> Hotmail off of Unix onto NT/2000?
> Or did I fall for the prank by responding? :/

No you didn't... Yesterday it was being hosted on a FreeBSD servier with
Apache... Check out Slashdot at
for the inside skinny...


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