Computers Manufactured in 1986^H^H56

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Date: Tue Apr 2 15:53:04 2002

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> > I suppose to commemorate my birth, I'll need to get an S-100 box
> > of some sort, or possibly:
> Well, for a birthyear computer, anyone know where I
> can find a slightly-used IBM 709? I used to have the
> IBM 711 Card Reader and 716 Line Printer...
> <sob!>
> -dq

Birth year computers....

Hmmm. Well, I guess I'll have to look up the info on the
IBM 650...
Larger than a breadbox? (heh... :-)
A desk? (must be, the 1130 I used was large desk sized
              but twice as tall...)
A house? (more like it, I'm sure...)

But wait! enter IBM 650 and the first link is great:

Heck, I could fit one in my garage -- it couldn't weigh more than
a few tons... Just need room for the O26 keypunch... And have
a larger electrical service put in... I'm sure someone has one in
their back yard that they would want to get rid of...

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