Strange idea in VAX

From: Carlini, Antonio <>
Date: Tue Apr 2 16:59:10 2002

> Sridhar the POWERful wrote:
>Ok. I wonder what would happen if I stuck a DWBUA in the BI cage
of my
>VAX 7000-650, and added a UNIBUS cabinet, then I were to take a
>and add a Qbus framebuffer?

        I imagine you'd be carted off to the funny farm :-)

        I assume you were not serious but just in case ...
        Your path to the Qbus widgets would be:
        which I suspect is a tad tortuous even for
        the normally well designed DEC stuff.

        Bus adapters generally only work well
        one bus down. Beyond that you start
        to hit timing issues and other such trivia
        such as locking.

        As an aside, surely with a little bit of
        thought you could get TURBOchannel
        and PCI involved in there? How hard
        can it be?

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