Computers Manufactured in 1986

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Date: Tue Apr 2 20:11:19 2002

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Subject: RE: Computers Manufactured in 1986

> ... if you can find the expansions. :)

Fair bit of stuff still out (I have some strange ones in my own
connection - for eg. a Xetec controller with an extra 2 mb ram & a
weird hard disk connector that plugged into the A1000's expansion
(Zorro) port - same co. used to make Centronics i/faces for VIC's &

> As for a more common system (more common than the Intergraph, not the
> Amiga), a UnixPC with 1 meg of ram, and maybe 60MB of disk will give
> you access to a really decent subset of available Unix (and possibly
> MS-DOS) software. It will also have a decent development environment,
> given the installation of a dev kit.

THe A2000UX from Commodore was fairly respecatble (though somewhat
undersold), not sure what version of Unix it ran, have to dig up my old
dealer brochures.

> On the other hand, the Atari ST plays quite a few more games. :)

But the Miggy had more & in better quality :-) (And they're still being
written for too.....)



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