Shoddy Hardware (Was: Re: WW fixtures (was Re: "New" PDP-8))

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Date: Tue Apr 2 22:44:33 2002

On Tue, 2 Apr 2002 23:44:50 +0100 (BST) (Tony
Duell) writes:
> > I think this started when we (the U.S.A.) began importing
> > parts made in communist countries.
> Well, I spent most of the weekend inside a small East German camera,
> about 40 years old.
> I was seriously impressed by the general engineering (anyone who
> makes a
> leaf shutter that can do 1/750s gets my respect!), the build quality
> and
> the repairer-freindlyness of the design. I've found few cameras as
> pleasant to repair.
> So not all communnist-country products are badly made...

Actually, I should have specifically fingered Red China, which is
the only communist country that is a major supplier to the U.S.
I never saw real, unadulterated *junk* until I looked at what has
been spewing from Red Chinese factories . . .


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