Seeking Old Wirth-Jensen Pascal Book

From: Douglas H. Quebbeman <>
Date: Wed Apr 3 10:18:56 2002

> Douglas H. Quebbeman wrote:
> >>>PASCAL User Manual and Report
> >>>Authors: Jensen & Wirth
> >>>Pub: Springer-Verlag
> >> throws up multiple copies....
> > Cool... do you think I can trade some S-100 boards for one?
> Ah, you did not specify that you wanted to trade.

Well, I've got a PTC 2KRO with one or two 1702s in it;
a label indicates some kind of code, probably a boot
ROM for CP/M, but until I dust off the SOL and fire
it up, I've no way to tell (My Needham EPROM burner
doesn't go back that far).

> > What? won't do ClassicCmp trades?
> You could always offer. About time we regressed back to a
> barter economy.

Agreed, but the taxman's got his eye on that, too...

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