The Future End of Classic Computing

From: John Allain <>
Date: Wed Apr 3 10:24:25 2002

>> And as for restricting knowledge that could be used to commit crimes,
>> well, you'd better remove the brains of most of the population right
>Has everyone read _1984_? I just finished it and it's quite good ;)
>very instructive, and frightening, on this point...

Big ideas... here's my $0.02, anyway:
Apparently the idea of thoughtcrime is central to the upcoming
SKG/Speilberg SF film "Minority Report", which I just heard
- - -
While the movie may be independent this, there are areas of
study in social philosophy which actively seek to protect free
_informed_ choice.
Whenever you hear "It's what the people want", beware, because
somebody is smelling a weakness and wants to make a Billion
off of it. Not calling it a weakness is the evil in it. Oh yeah, there
are times where the masses are served for their better good,
but it may be something like less that 50% of the time.

(greedy self interest note: anybody know how I can keep a
 copy of the MR trailer on my PC for repeated viewing?)

John A.
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