IBM PS/1 Recovery/Install diskettes available

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Date: Wed Apr 3 14:32:18 2002

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> Don't remeber the model number, but the 286-based micro-thin PS/1 my
> parents bought back in '90 had 13 disks for it's 'install/backup set'.
> The system was about 2in thick, 12in wide, included a Mouse, PS/1 software
> crap, IBM DOS 4.0, MSWorks for Dos, 1M of RAM, a 1.4M floppy drive and 40M
> IDE hard drive. the included 12" monitor also included they system's
> power supply (how the thing was made so dang small). Also included a
> weird internal 2400baud modem with a non-standard interface.
> The system got tossed (not sure I can say I'm sad about it either) when my
> parents move to a condo a couple years ago.

yes, that's the 2011 model with DOS in ROM. pretty neat little machine. You
could even get one with 512k, no HDD and mono screen. Found the addon second
story 5.25 addition for $5 in the box a few weeks ago.
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