Core Memory Interfacing?

From: Bill Richman <>
Date: Wed Apr 3 14:47:24 2002

Response from a seller I asked about the core planes he's selling (and I'm
bidding on) on eBay. Can I beat him like a baby seal? Please...? Just
for a little while...? "I disposed of the driver boards," indeed. I'd be
"afraid" too. <sigh> The driver boards probably weren't "pretty" enough
to fetch a good price from the "collectors" on eBay. If you're gonna
salvage _some_ of it, get the _whole_thing_! "I'm sorry, Mr. Smith - I'm
afraid I 'disposed of' the bank routing number on the check I sent you for
the core planes." (Don't get me wrong here - I'm not saying he's the
least bit dishonest, but I hate it when someone is cavalier about having
gotten rid of something I wanted!) <*cry>

> They are perfect. No damaged cores or wires. I'm afraid I disposed of
> the driver boards.
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