some what OT: FW: Adios, Internet Radio

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Wed Apr 3 15:17:32 2002

 I'm sure this will impact on non-USA net-stations as well since much the
content is US produced music. A real downer for me since i-net radio is my
only relief from the banalities of AM, and the only FM station receivable in
most parts of northern Canada is CBC-FM. DAMN. Bye,bye to my jazz and
classical stations. I guess I'll have to settle for Radio Cuba on SW. :^)

 The US corporate beast is getting VERY greedy. They may bite off more
than they can chew, if they wake up enough of the US populace.


> > I really, really, really wanted this to be a joke. It's really,really
> >not.
> This kind of thing explains why I no longer buy CD's or
> movies, when in the past I spent quite a bit of money on tapes and
> albums. is my source for movies, and at $20/month it
> offers much better value than going to the theatre. Piracy isn't
> hurting the recording industry, it's their greed coupled to the fact
> that they no longer offer good value. I will not support an industry
> that tries to put these strangleholds on what I can do.
> Jeff
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