CD-ROM on RT-11?

From: Tom Leffingwell <>
Date: Wed Apr 3 22:52:38 2002

On Thu, 21 Mar 2002, Jerome H. Fine wrote:

> If you are going to have a CD on your real PDP-11 with a Qbus host adapter,
> then if you want to be able to boot partition zero, I suggest you use the
> command:
> to the partition you are going to place on the CD. MANY other aspects also
> need to be considered if it will be a bootable partition.

I've been out of touch with the list for a little while, so I just got
this. Anyway, what would the many aspects be? I was operating on the
assumption that the image I would get or make would have already been
copy/boot'ed so, it should be a bootable image, and if transferred as an
exact image to the CD it should work.

I did finally manage to get my RX02's copied to a VMS machine. The guy
that was helping me (who had the vax/vms machine) was out of town for
awhile. Anyway, we copied an image of a bootable floppy to the VMS
machine, and back to a new floppy, which booted fine with no need to
copy/boot it (since the imagine was already that way). We also used VMS
exchange to may .dsk files. I need to read up a little more on exchange,
but I was thinking if I can work with the .dsk imagines of the ftpable
RT-11 5.03, I should be copy in my program and then copy that to a SCSI
disk, make sure its bootable, and then make an image of it. The .dsk
files seem to be little file on file systems as opposed to just making an


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