IBM 3192s

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Date: Wed Apr 3 23:13:47 2002

I've got a pair of them sitting here, looking for a home. They seem to
power up, but don't display anything. Just looking for enough to buy me
a lunch + shipping.

Also have for dispersal:

StorageTek 2920 9-track PERTEC interface tape drive, might need a new
head, otherwise completely functional. $5 + shipping -- It's 150lbs and
rackmount - about 24"Hx18"Wx12"D If no one wants it, it'll end up as
scrap. UPS/FedEx/USPS won't ship this I'm sure.

Mac Quadra 610, Mac IIci, Quadra 700. $10ea OBO.

Apple //e. One has Disk ][ interface + 1 drive + 64k RAM expansion card,
one has Duodisk interface and drive. I'm willing to give out as much of
these as wanted. $5 each, what I paid for it, + shipping.

Thanks for supporting your local poor college student.

-- Pat
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