OT: Shoddy hammers (was Re: Shoddy Hardware and other things)

From: jarkko.teppo_at_er-grp.com <(jarkko.teppo_at_er-grp.com)>
Date: Thu Apr 4 05:54:34 2002

On Thu, Apr 04, 2002 at 06:16:09AM -0500, Douglas H. Quebbeman wrote:
> I find the bulbs only lose lifespan when you drop the flashlight a
> time or two.. they simply aren't shock-resistant.

I gave up after destroying all the spare bulbs I had and surgically
replaced the bulb with a green led. Sure, I can't see a thing with it but
it sure takes them hits a lot better. "When all you've got is a nail,
everything looks like a hammer."

> -dq
> -Douglas Hurst Quebbeman (DougQ at ixnayamspayIgLou.com) [Call me "Doug"]
> Surgically excise the pig-latin from my e-mail address in order to reply
> "The large print giveth, and the small print taketh away." -Tom Waits

Uh. I just noticed how hard pig-latin is for someone who's not so
adept with the language (previously) known as English :-) What I need
now is a mutt-hook + non-perl script to convert ixnaylanguage into

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