Shoddy Hardware (Was: Re: WW fixtures (was Re: "New" PDP-8))

From: Sellam Ismail <>
Date: Thu Apr 4 01:44:52 2002

On Wed, 3 Apr 2002, Doc wrote:

> > Wow, that would have made me very upset. I'm all for security, but not
> > them confiscating my property, just becasue it resembles a gun barrel.
> > It's a working flashlight, made by the thousands, nothing special, not
> > some James Bond, Man With a Golden Gun weapon.
> Well, I guess "confiscated" was the wrong term. My checked baggage
> was checked, my ride dropped me and left, and my only option was to
> leave it there or leave with it. So if Jim hadn't been on shift, I'd
> have probably lost my light.
> It _felt_ like confiscation, and I _was_ upset.

Next time, do what my dad did when he was on his way back to the US from a
trip abroad and the security folks gave him all sorts of hassle over his
Leatherman tool. After arguing with them for about half an hour (they
wanted to confiscate and destroy it, and he was having none of that), he
finally suggested they give it to the pilot to hold during the flight, to
which they obliged. When he landed, the pilot handed it back to him and
all was well ;)

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