"When programming is outlawed, only outlaws will program""

From: James B. DiGriz <jbdigriz_at_dragonsweb.org>
Date: Thu Apr 4 10:02:15 2002

William R. Buckley wrote:
> I once met John Draper at a Hackers Conference. He did not seem
> that bad a person to know. What is it about him that others on
> this list find undesireable?
> William R. Buckley

Why do people not like, say, Jim Goad, when they revere a lovable old
"misanthrope" like H.L. Mencken or Mr. Clemens?

I don't know John, but I think Doug covered this one pretty well
already. He's an ex-con. In our culture, even just being accused of a
crime is a big sign plastered to your back, saying, justly or not, "I am
a loser." If you maintain your innocence, or unrepentence, or even just
your worth as a human being, you can also very easily wave that sign in
people's faces, if you aren't very careful. Not saying that it isn't
worthwhile. Just that there's a stigma there, one which most people fear
is contagious, and may well be in some cases. Which is not an accident,
nor benign, but we are off-topic enough here, so I won't go into that.

As an aside, I would recommend people add "Papillon" to their reading
lists along with "1984", "Fahrenheit 451", and the tech manuals.
Especially pay attention to the part about the leper colony.

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