Enhanced DRI PL/I-86 Compiler Available

From: Douglas H. Quebbeman <dquebbeman_at_acm.org>
Date: Thu Apr 4 10:07:16 2002

> > Some of those I copied to Tim! I was useing them back when
> > to build mine, from the emergence of V2.2 on.
> > >http://www.retroarchive.org/cpm/archive/unofficial/
> > Da place!
> Isn't
> http://www.gaby.de/cpm/index.html
> more like the official unofficial web site ?

A couple of years ago, I put some finishing touches on a
project I began back in 1988, when I got a copy of the
DRI PL/I-86 compiler. Back then, it wasn't the freeware
that it is today. But of course, today, you can download
it from either of the two sites above.

My goal was to modify it so that it one could use the
Microsoft linker and librarian instead of the DRI linker
and librarian; with this change it would be possible to
mix object modules from other Microsoft-compatible
compilers. Also, I wanted to revise and extend the
runtime system. I completed most everything except
providing access to DOS environment variables. But
the DATE() and TIME() BIFs work as they should, and
you can pass the command line arguments by defining
them as arguments to main() much as in C.

DRI and Microsoft both used the Intel OMF format for the
object files, so it wasn't hard. But like many projects,
it just got stalled for along time.

I recently packaged it up and forwarded it to Peter Flass,
noted PL/I advocate who's omnipresent on comp.lang.pli.
He's going to include it in some archive, but didn't mention
which. You may or may not end up seeing at the two above

But if anyone out there is interested in it, you can
also obtain it directly from me.


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