Shoddy Hardware (Was: Re: WW fixtures (was Re: "New" PDP-8))

From: Chris <>
Date: Thu Apr 4 10:45:39 2002

> Well, I guess "confiscated" was the wrong term. My checked baggage
> was checked, my ride dropped me and left, and my only option was to
> leave it there or leave with it. So if Jim hadn't been on shift, I'd
> have probably lost my light.
> It _felt_ like confiscation, and I _was_ upset.

The airport in New Orleans confiscated (yes, took away and kept, never to
return) a mini stapler my father had in his laptop bag. This is one of
those staplers that is about an inch long, holds 20 staples of that super
mini, can't staple thru more than two sheets of paper, size.

This was back in November, so everyone was a bit more paranoid. But he
showed them it was just a stapler... and they still took it away as a

I would LOVE to see that happen.... take me to Cuba or I'll fail to break
your skin with my mini shards of metal, in my lethal squeeze powered
dispenser! Don't make me empty this thing onto my shoe... I'll do it...
I'm just crazy enough! And if that doesn't scare you... I'll beat you
with this airline pillow!

Hell, you could do more damage by sitting in the exit row, and pulling
the shiny red handle on the wall.


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