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From: Dave McGuire <>
Date: Thu Apr 4 14:39:01 2002

On April 4, John Allain wrote:
> While we're on flashlights I really should rave again
> for white LED ones. My favorite can cast a 150
> degree solid pyramid of pure white light, absent of
> any filament artifacts, for 10 hours off one 9v battery.
> If you turn it down 1 notch, you get 100 hours life.
> These things are incredible.

  I second this. I now use them exclusively, while my trusty Maglite
sits in a drawer. I use Photon lights,, and I
like them a *lot*. If you like to use flashlights to peer into
machines and such, and like the idea of having a tiny but astoundingly
bright one to carry with you everywhere along with your wallet or
house keys, this is the way to go.

  (not an employee, just a satisfied customer, yadda yadda)


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