CD-ROM on RT-11?

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Thu Apr 4 21:28:17 2002

> I presume from what you are saying that the Viking/QDT does not have any
> boot ROMs. If so, it is one of the very few (probably the only one I know
> about) NON-DEC controllers or host adapters that does not have a boot
> ROM.

There are four versions of the Viking board. Tape, Disk, Tape/Disk, and
Disk/Boot (it can only boot a PDP-11).

> Any idea if there was a DEC approved CDROM drive which did NOT
> use a caddy?

Sure, any CD-ROM that they had out after the RRD-42.

> Any idea how much an M8190-BB (quad 11/73) might cost? I have a
> couple, but I want to keep them for a few more years. But Tom might
> find this is the least expensive way to go.

It would probably be a worth while upgrade, BUT it would also require a
backplane and memory upgrade, and as I recall he doesn't have a budget for
this. As for the price I don't remember, but I know they've come down in
price (I got mine as part of a trade).

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