Core Memory Interfacing?

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Thu Apr 4 23:46:39 2002

--- "Peter C. Wallace" <> wrote:
> > > Yeah, there is the old 7400 series arithmetic unit...
> >
> > The 74x181. I've used it many times. It's also used in many of the
> > computers that I love (like the classic PERQs and the PDP11/45).

If anyone needs a few, I have a source here in town... the same place
I got my TI 980A from. He doesn't have tubes and tubes, but I think
a handful could be scored. These are 1972-era 74181s, not 74F181s,
if that matters for your application. He would be very happy to trade
some for BCD TTL for his electronics students (7492/74192 and similar
counters keep coming up in our conversations). He has a limited class
budget, so he would rather swap stuff than go to the well for extra
dollars for chips that the electronics lab has run out of.


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