CD-ROM on RT-11?

From: Carlini, Antonio <>
Date: Fri Apr 5 04:43:34 2002

Jerome H. Fine wrote:

>Note that under VMS Exchange, you may be limited to just ONE
>RT-11 partition, i.e. partition zero. It was over 10 years ago when
>I used Exchange under VMS and the RT-11 partition default was

If all you want is a straight copy of an RT-11
disk and you are using OpenVMS, why not use

I would suggest:

        $ BACKUP/PHYSICAL device: filename.BCK/SAVE

This would save your floppy contents in filename.BCK.
Then restore with:

        $ BACKUP/PHYSICAL filename.BCK/SAVE device:

I don't have the necessary h/w anymore to
try this, but it should work. I've certainly done
something similar with RX50 WPS floppies and I've
seen others do the same with DECmate III floppies.

The added advantage is that you end up with
a block-by-block copy of your floppy that
you can save on CD or whatever.

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