More "Stuff"

From: Marvin Johnston <>
Date: Fri Apr 5 12:12:16 2002

In the next several weeks (months?) I'll be paring down the collection
of "stuff" that I have no interest in collecting, or I have duplicates
of. My tendency is to want to put it on Yahoo with a 3 day auction since
evryone would have a chance to see it and decide if they want it. But
for right now, I'll just list it here.

Everthing is plus shipping/insurance. Generally I prefer to ship via
USPS Priority Mail for things that weigh less than 4 pounds since I
already have the boxes and it is far easier for me :). For things under
1 pound, Priority Mail is $3.50.

$5.00 - Coleco Power Supply for Coleco Vision
$5.00 ea - 100 MB SCSI Hard Drives removed from service (approximately
10 left)
$5.00 - VTech PreComputer 1000 w/ General Knowledge Cartridge
$100.00 - Origins of Digital Computers, Randell. Has papers by Babbage,
Zuse, Von Neuman, Aiken,
          and other pioneers, 2nd Edition, OOP (Out Of Print)
$5.00 - TurboGrafx 16 Hucards, "Nerd Blasters" and "R-Type", No way to
test them.
$5.00 - Odyssey2 w/ power supply, game controls, and "Speedsay,
Spin-out, Crypto-logic" cartridge
        I believe this works, but I haven't tested it to make sure.
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