Software Preservation (was: SIMTEL...)

From: Kent Borg <>
Date: Fri Apr 5 12:37:53 2002

Someone wrote in an earlier message:
> My idea is to build a Linux box with EIDE RAID setup to mirror a
> couple BIG EIDE disks (80+ Gigabytes). Then have everything else
> backup to those disks.

I recently built a new Linux box with a pair of 60 GB disks (they were
the sweet spot that week) in RAID 1, 256 MB RAM, CR-ROM burner, floppy,
850 MHz Duron, plus rudimentary sound, video, and ethernet on the

The whole thing, with a power supply, a case, and delivered (though in
pieces) was under $600. (I already had a monitor, keyboard, mouse,
and UPS.) Pretty nice system. I am typing this e-mail on it now,
logged in from work.

One ~little~ oopsie I just discovered today is that I accidentally
made my /home partition RAID 0 instead of RAID 1...but I think I have
figured out all the steps needed to change that.

If I find myself wanting more space and 100+ GB drives come down in
price, I might figure out how to squeeze 4 more disks into that same
box as 300+ GB of RAID 5. (Keeping the RAID 1 because it is

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