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Date: Fri Apr 5 12:46:06 2002

"James B. DiGriz" wrote:
> Ben Franchuk wrote:
> > John Foust wrote:
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> >>At 01:55 PM 4/5/2002 +0200, you wrote:
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> >>>Crashed computer boots local man into jail:
> >>>http://www.wisinfo.com/postcrescent/news/archive/local_3204626.shtml
> >>>Short story: A shop had five atempts to get a new PC to work,
> >>>they still failed, so the man took the computer in a 6th time,
> >>>put it on the floor and smashed it with a sledge hammer.
> >>>Wisconsin seams to be a place for unusual people.
> >>
> >>Uhm, thanks! :-) But it was a computer from Gateway!
> >>
> >>- John
> >
> >
> > not reading the story ... if he paid for the computer is his to what he
> > likes with it, not go to jail.
> >
> I know a couple of girls whose daddy once took his TV out on the front
> lawn and commenced to blast it to smithereens with one a them thar evul
> shotguns. Concerned neighbors called the law. When they arrived, he
> declaimed, "It's my damned TV and I can do what I want with it in my own
> god-damned $_at_!%# yard!" Since there was no law prohibiting discharge of
> fireams in that town at that time, there wasn't much they felt inclined
> to do about it. At least not with him standing there holding a weapon of
> mass destruction.

Now was the computer under warranty at the time.!?
Funny I took a hammer to my VCR ( At home ) since I said "give me my
tape back
or else". It did not listen too well, but I did get my tape OUT.

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