ClassicCmp Transportation

From: James B. DiGriz <>
Date: Fri Apr 5 15:35:47 2002

Douglas H. Quebbeman wrote:
>>All this car talk keeps reminding me I need to fix my truck so I can
>>haul old computers and stuff. 77' Dodge with a 318, worn cam bushings,
>>maybe bent camshaft. Timing jumps all over the place, even with new
>>distributor, chain, and gears. Bottom end is tight, and compression is
>>good, but I think I'll go through it completely anyway.
> Good segue back on topic...
> What's the least expensive, semi-reliable transportation for
> hauling Classic Computers?
> What I mean is, something that might be a tad flaky starting
> up, but once running, is unlikely to suffer mechanical
> failure in places where your license plates might as well be
> from a foreign country?
> Clearly, my Audi 80 sedan is useless except for the occasional
> Apple //e or somesuch teeney weeney computers.
> I used to have a 64 Chevy pickup, should still have it.
> Is such transport possible for circa US$750.00?
> -dq
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If you're transporting large, rack-mounted equipment or pallet-loads
with any frequency, I'd say go with about a 20' box van with a
lift-gate. 2nd choice would be something like an old bread truck, aka
UPS truck. Be sure to carry a ramp.

You're not likely to find something like that for $750 that doesn't need
work, but what else is new? The hassles and time a vehicle like this
will save translate into dollars.

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