should I take RM03's ?

From: Dave McGuire <>
Date: Fri Apr 5 15:56:37 2002

On April 5, Ethan Dicks wrote:
> > A.K.A. CDC 9762 with a Massbus<->SMD adapter in the bottom....
> Sort of. I worked for a DEC reseller in the summer of 1998. He
> picked up a couple of RM03s cheap and wanted to hook them to one
> of our PDP-11s through some Emulex or similar SMD interface. The
> idea was to pull the cables out of the adapter, run them into the
> Emulex card, and turn an RM03 back into a 9762.
> The quick answer was we were unable to make it work. We even borrowed
> some cards from a real 9762 and swapped them into the card cage in the
> RM03 (the one near the positioner magnet). It didn't help.
> DEC must have made some change outside of ECOs to the cards that
> made the drive only work with their Massbus converter.

  Weird...I dunno about the RM03, but I ran an RM02 on a Dataram Qbus
SMD controller (I don't recall the model number) many years ago in an
11/73. It worked fine.

  I thought the only big difference between the RM02 and the RM03 was
the spindle speed, though.


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