Inter-Listmember Contact Difficulties

From: Douglas H. Quebbeman <>
Date: Fri Apr 5 20:22:55 2002

There are a number of denial-of-service attacks under
way on ther Internet all the time, but we're in a
wave of heavy attacks right now.

Once by one, DNS servers are getting hijacked, and as a
result, domains are evaporating into the ether.

Sometimes, one person can get through to another for
a while because their domain remains cached somewhere
along the route. But eventually, you get cut off.

When it happend to us last week, our ISP tracked down the
hijacking machine, which itself had been hijacked, and
managed to well, it has a cold, shall we say?

Nice to have an ISP with good Kung Fu...


In the meantime, list members might volunteer to
get word through to some member that some other
particular member might not be able to reach.

And there are these things called telephones, too...


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